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Lantern Street Orphanage

Black stone building by the crater lake

Four children were abducted under mysterious circumstances.


  • Head mistress: Gretshyn Tasyk, old halfling female
  • Gardener: Jaromyr Copperbeard, old male dwarf
  • Nurse: Neva Faniser, 30 year old human female
  • Cook: Temar Flagonstern, 30 year old human male, big sized
  • Teacher: Willow Adtherfelt, half elf female, don't live on the orpanidge
  • Janitor: Patch, young half-orc male

The Missing Children

  • Dekon Stormshield, 12 years old dwarf, intelligent
  • Evely Radaveck, 9 year human female, secluded
  • Lysinda Aldrin, 8 year human female, superstitious
  • Terem Karadith, 9 years, human male, wild, hot tempered


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